CEO and Founder

Camilo Gantiva, CEO and Founder of SUE energy consulting

Chemical Engineer specialized in Process, Energy Systems and Environment by the Technische Universität Berlin, one of the oldest and largest technical universities in Germany.


Professional experience

  • Engineering & Design. MAN Diesel & Turbo SE (Berlin, Germany)
  • Facility Management. Energy Management. BMW Group (Leipzig-Berlin, Germany)
  • Energy Consultant. HWK Chamber of Potsdam- Potsdam (Potsdam, Germany)
  • Energy Auditor (registered at BAFA Federal Office of Economics and Control, Germany)
  • Consultant. BISTECH Consultants Network (Innovation and Technology, Germany)



  • Internal Auditor ISO 50001 (Bureau Veritas)
  • Energy Auditor EN 16247/ISO 50002 (GUTcert)
  • Project Manager Renewable Energies (WBS Training AG)
  • M.Sc. Process Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering (Technical University of Berlin)
  • Chemical Engineer (National University of Colombia) 

Publications on the Internet:

  • Advanced exergy-based analyses applied to a system including LNG regasification and electricity generation. Springer. 2012.
  • Solar Energy in the Andes. Country information-Colombia. BMWi. 2011.
  • Demonstration Centre for the Rainwater Management in the San Andres Island. UNAL. 2004.

"Camilo Gantiva ist detailorientier und hat für das Energiemanagement unseres Unternehmens eine sehr gute Arbeit geleistet. Ich habe ihn als verantwortungsvollen und immer zuverlässigen Berater kennen und schätzen gelernt."


Alejandro Valdez

Dipl.-Ing. der Lebensmitteltechnologie B.Sc. Food Biotechnology and Food Process Engineering

Energiemanagement-Beauftragter Francia Mozzarella GmbH