Internal Audit of Management Systems according to ISO 50001 and ISO 14001

ISO standards are the management system certification standards issued by ISO to help organizations establish the systems and processes necessary to improve their performance. These standards have been developed to be auditable and thus facilitate their application in the organization. The purpose of an audit is to verify the correct implementation or operation of a Management System. To do this, we carry out a complete evaluation of the management system and prepare a detailed report. If deviations concerning the system are detected, the company must carry out the necessary corrective actions to solve them. We are internal auditors certified for compliance with the international standard on Energy Management Systems ISO 50001 and Environmental Management Systems 14001.


What documentation and information do we require in an internal audit?


  • General Procedures of the Management
  • System Technical specifications
  • Regulations and applicable legislation
  • Customer complaints and claims
  • Previous audit reports (if applicable)
  • Nonconformity reports
  • Records of corrective actions and actions recently implemented or proposed
  • Records and documents required by ISO standards.


What do we verify during the Audit?


The verifications to be carried out during the audit are, in general, the following:


  • Review of the applicable Management System documents, to verify that the audited organization has the management system documents required by the standard.
  • Examination of the records and documentary evidence that demonstrate compliance with the provisions of the Management System.
  • Direct supervision of the processes to verify that the activities are carried out in the manner foreseen in the Management System documentation.


Once the audit is completed, we agree to a meeting with the auditee, to whom we expose the deviations found to obtain their agreement with them or make their observations. After the meeting, we write the corresponding Audit Report.