SUE consulting, Systeme Umwelt Energie,  was founded in 2016 responding to a growing demand for energy services and sustainable solutions, environmental friendly, that optimize processes and minimize operating costs.


Camilo Gantiva, CEO and founder brings more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of energy, particularly in the area of planning, energy supply, energy management and consulting. Multinational companies such as BMW Group or MAN Diesel & Turbo guarantee his professionalism.


Our clients are companies and organizations seeking to optimize their energy management and increase energy efficiency and sustainability levels.


Our mission is:

  • To offer our clients consulting and audit services of quality in the field of energy management and energy efficiency fulfilling operational, temporal and institutional requirements 
  • Develop energy systems that optimize processes, generate energy savings and minimize operating costs
  • Provide high-tech solutions for energy management in buildings and industrial facilities
  • Develop plans that integrate sustainable energy solutions such as self-consumption and renewable energies
  • Provide energy-efficient products that are environmentally friendly
  • Develop our skills continuously which are recognized by different authorities and institutions


Our philosophy is based on the application of scientific ideas, i.e. concepts, hypotheses, models and theories adjusted to the reality of each of our clients. Given our technical and scientific training we believe in developing concrete and practical solutions to improve the way they operate and manage energy. However, we are fully convinced that the success of any project is due to the people. So personalized treatment, advising and up-to-date qualification are part of our principles and values.


Our goal is to offer innovative and creative solutions that contribute to a rationalization of energy resources, to process optimization and environmental protection to build a sustainable world soon.


  • Results of type 20/20. Increasing energy efficiency by 20% and reducing carbon emissions by 20%.
  • Highly qualified professionals with experience in different sectors on two continents
  • Knowledge and state of the art technologies
  • Professionals recognized by different authorities in the energy sector both in Germany and in Spain
  • Tailormade Integrated Energy Solutions 
  • Highly personalized treatment